Monday, November 11, 2013

Birthday Overview + Anniversary Talk

Doesn't it feel like time is just flying by? This past weekend went by way too fast for my liking but I had the best weekend in a long time. On Friday I decided to throw my boyfriend a surprise party for his 20th birthday. I texted one of his teammates that I'm close with and told him to pass along the message to the other boys on the team. As Friday night approached I became more and more nervous. I hadn't met all of his teammates yet and they really are a crazy bunch. Luckily, the night was a success. Other than two of his teammates almost getting into a fight in my living room (seriously boys are so childish sometimes) and one extremely drunk teammate telling me that he liked my relationship with my boyfriend more than I did, everyone had fun. My boyfriend was happily surprised and it felt good to see him so happy, especially because the past couple of weeks have been hard on him. The best part? All of his teammates's were seriously impressed with my party planning and baking skills. Best compliment ever because I worked super hard on his cake. My boyfriend absolutely loved his presents too. 

Now we're moving into grind time. He has a busy schedule for the next two weeks with hockey and I have lots of projects and papers due this week and finals next week. Thank goodness Thanksgiving break is only nine days away for me. And our anniversary is on Sunday! As our anniversary quickly approaches (it's six day's away) I can't help but marvel at how quickly the time goes. During the past couple of days I've had time to reflect over the past year that we've spent together. It's crazy to think that another year has already passed! 

Although we are both pretty busy for the next two weeks I think it's so important to take time out of our schedules for each other. Sometimes it's easy to fall into a routine, and to be comfortable with just spending time together doing the same things. I think it's important to make anniversary's count. Make the time you have together a memorable experience, especially when it's an important date like a birthday or anniversary. So for our anniversary this year I think we might go into the city and spend the night together just us two. When you're in college its hard to be alone sometimes, especially when you're constantly surrounded by roommates, friends, teammates, family, etc. Plan a date for just the two of you, spend quality time together doing something you both love. I'm already so looking forward to Sunday and it's six days away!

Later this week I will be posting about the homemade gift that I'm making for his anniversary present. We decided not to buy each other anything this year because our anniversary falls directly in between his birthday and Christmas. I also will be posting about the story of how we met. I love retelling that story during this time of year.
I hope everyone had a great weekend!
xoxo Junior Hockey Girlfriend 

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