Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sweater Weather

So it's officially sweater weather in New England, which means I'm on the hunt for the perfect sweater. Fair Isle sweaters are becoming more and more popular this season and I can't wait to buy one! My favorite now is definitely the Vineyard Vines Harbor Fair Isle Crewneck (pictured on the left). Perfect for Thanksgiving and holiday parties. The lobster fair isle has been all over Pinterest lately, so fun.

On the left, Vineyard Vines Harbor Fair Isle Crewneck $165. 
On right, Vineyard Vines Lobster Crewneck Sweater $145. 

I'm also loving these two from J.Crew. The detailing on the sweater on the left is perfect.
On left, Jeweled Fair Isle Striped Sweater $138. On right, Harley Of Scotland for J.Crew Fair Isle Sweater $185.

Although I'm not a big fan of Urban Outfitters (completely overrated in my opinion) my roommate has this cropped Fair Isle sweater that I adore. Only complaint is that it's a cropped sweater so wearing it with a high waisted skirt is a must. Urban Renewal Cropped Fair Isle Sweater $59.
I will definitely be purchasing one of these sweaters before I go back to school! I'll keep you guys posted on which one I choose!
XOXO Junior Hockey Girlfriend

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