Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Life of a Junior Hockey Girlfriend

As many of you know, before I switched my name to CHGF I was Junior Hockey Girlfriend. My boyfriend played only one year of juniors this past season, as he will be 21 this fall and is ineligible to play more than one year. In this post I will be discussing my experience as a junior hockey girlfriend. Whether your boyfriend is entering his first week of training camp with his juniors team of choice, finishing up tryouts, or relaxing before the start of the season.. Everyone can benefit from some insight and girlfriend tips!

1. The Boys
I'm just gonna go ahead and say that junior hockey boys are like a whole different hockey boy breed. In my experience I think that junior hockey players are a lot less team orientated and a lot more concerned with how they perform individually. I noticed that most of the boys didn't really care how the team did- win or lose, they were only concerned with which scouts were watching the game. Outside of the rink they drink like fishes, spend the majority of their days surrounded by hockey, and they raise hell wherever they go. Beer, puck sluts, and hockey. That's about it. 

Which brings me to my next point…

2. The Girls
I'm sure that any hockey girlfriend could tell you a story about a puck slut or two. I realized that with age the girls get sluttier and grosser, so I obviously can't wait until college hockey starts!! I swear if I see one more girl with the twitter bio "puck bunny" I'm going to lose my mind. But seriously, as long as your boy is trustworthy you shouldn't have a problem with puck sluts. I might dedicate a post solely about puck bunnies.. To be continued. 

3. College Recruiters 
Obviously the reason why your boy is playing juniors is to have a chance at playing college hockey. When college recruiters start talking to your boyfriend and he feels totally overwhelmed/doesn't know where he wants to go.. Just try your hardest to be there for him. If your boyfriend is anything like mine (aka only eligible for 1 year of juniors) it can be really stressful trying to make a college decision in such a short amount of time. 

1. Be supportive.Try to get to as many games as you can, if possible. Even when you'd much rather curl up in bed and binge watch netflix - show up and be supportive. Let your boyfriend vent to you if his coach is being a jerk or his teammates have suddenly forgotten how to pass the puck. You're probably the only person he can really open up to about it.
2. Let your boy enjoy the lifestyle.  I know I said earlier that junior hockey players can be a bit selfish on ice - but off ice they are all tons of fun to hangout with. My boyfriend made some truly special friendships this year all thanks to junior hockey. So even when you cringe thinking about all the trouble your boy and his teammates are getting into, let him have his fun. The season passes by faster than you'd think.
3. Learn the language. Hockey boys definitely have a unique vocabulary but learning the language will seriously help when you're trying to listen to a story and can't help but ask "wait, what does that mean?" a million times. 
4. Embrace the flow. I have never been one to obsess over hockey flow buuuut my boyfriend grew his hair out this past season and let's just say I'm never letting him cut it again. 
5. Make friends with other hockey girlfriends. You'll always have someone to travel with for away games, and no one really understands your problems more than a fellow hockey girlfriend. 

And don't forget… Fall is coming.

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