Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Curent Obsessions III

Hello Hello!

It's time for a current obsessions part III. Still not over the fact that a million months have passed since I wrote my last one sooo let's get into it.

Now that it's June (one of my favorite months) it's officially summer hockey season. Although I did appreciate the break after playoffs, I'm definitely ready to start watching my favorite boy play again before we both go off to college.

 Although June is my favorite month, it also is the month where the hot hot hot New England heat and humidity comes out of nowhere after a seemingly endless winter. What is spring in New England??? Weather complaints aside, once the warm weather begins I tend to simplify my outfits because I'm too hot/busy to care. I've been loving this layered necklace look as a cute touch to an otherwise simple outfit. 

 If anyone follows my twitter account @collegehockeygf (which you probably should) you would know that I recently tweeted about a Facebook group called Re-Lilly Group. The concept is basically like Ebay where you sell your old clothes that you no longer want or no longer fit into, except everything being sold is from the brand Lilly Pulitzer. I personally have bought a dress off of the group and I have nothing but good things to say about the exchange!! I strongly advise any Lilly lover to check it out, the prices just cannot be beat. 

This is kind of a weird one but I have been on a SERIOUS burger bender lately. I honestly can't think of a time when I'm not craving a cheeseburger and fries. Shake Shack has my heart but I'm open to new burger spots if anyone from MA has burger suggestions! 

Lastly, my favorite song so far this summer has definitely been Get Me Some Of That by Thomas Rhett. I think the music video is beyond adorable (mainly because of Thomas Rhett's dance moves) and I could listen to the song all day long and not get tired of it. 

That's all I have so far this month!! I hope you guys enjoy :)

College Hockey Girlfriend

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