Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fall Purchases + My New Favorites

Hey hey hey!
I've been shopping a litttttle too frequently lately and have been acquiring a lot of new pieces for the fall. I thought I'd share what I've gotten lately - let me know on my twitter (@collegehockeygf) if you've purchased any clothes for fall too! I can't be the only one who becomes fall obsessed in the middle of July ;)

I'll start with my Nordstrom anniversary sale purchases! I ended up grabbing this sweater in salmon pink. I ordered it a size up (size small) so it would be a little big on me, perfect for a chilly hockey rink! The sweater has a V back which I think is such a cute little twist on a comfy sweater. 

I also purchased these Articles of Society jeans in black from Nordstrom. 
I'm obsessed with them and am counting down the days until I can pair them with my new favorite booties. Which brings me to my next purchase… these booties. I've been on the hunt for an inexpensive pair of booties that I can wear to the bars and hockey house parties andddd I'm in love.

Moving on! I recently purchased this necklace from BaubleBar and I haven't taken it off since. I highly recommend BaubleBar - the packaging for the necklace was too cute.
Next up is a bit of a surprising pick but I've already worn it twice since receiving it in the mail five days ago. This dress from A&F of all places and it's my new favorite. Super comfy and made of a really soft material, I'm sold. It's taken major restraint for me to not order it in orange too. Tip: make a side knot at the bottom of the dress to avoid looking shapeless. 

I also purchased this T-shirt dress from Urban Outfitters. Can you tell I've been loving t-shirt dresses lately?? So comfy. Warning - runs a little big! Since they only had size small left at my local Urban I'll be tying a side knot so it doesn't look like I'm swimming in a tee! 

Lastly I purchased this long sleeve dress from Forever 21. I think it will be perfect for fall and I can't wait to wear it! It comes in three different colors and is made of a super soft material. The dress is an absolute STEAL for only $14.90

That's all I have for now! Thanks for reading:) look out for a post about my Fall wish list soon! The shopping never ends.


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