Monday, September 30, 2013

Game Day Etiquette

This past weekend I finally was able to go watch my boyfriend's game at his home rink. This is his first (and last) year of playing Junior hockey since he will be 20 next month. Adjusting to this new team has not been a very smooth process for C so I was anxious to see his team play together for the first time.

I have found that when dealing with new coaches and teammates it is best to listen rather than talk. Usually when coaches are trying to recruit players to join their team they do a LOT of talking. My Mom always told me that actions always speak louder than words.. This coach has promised the moon and the stars to my boyfriend and to his teammates and unfortunately has not been playing my favorite boy very often. Luckily, his coach recently has decided to give him more opportunities to play which makes me one very happy girlfriend.

Last year I learned a lot about appropriate etiquette on game day. Most boys are pretty superstitious about their pregame rituals so I usually send my boyfriend an encouraging text an hour and a half before the game - he seriously dedicates the hour and a half to his superstitions. Side note: another important thing I have learned is to never ever ever talk badly about a teammate at the rink. Seriously just don't do it. You never know who is listening and the last thing your boyfriend needs is drama because his girlfriend is talking badly about one of his teammates.

Another big part of game day etiquette is your outfit. Honestly I have seen so many girls come into the rinks wearing ridiculous things. It's cold in the rink there is no denying that. If I can see a large amount of skin I'm assuming that you're just trying to impress one of the boys. Not sorry. I know there are only so many outfits that are both warm and cute but I'll save that for a later post ;)

Lastly, I tweeted about some exciting news involving a scout for the LA Kings. I actually ended up sitting next to him at my boyfriends game yesterday. What an extremely kind man! We talked a lot between periods and he told me all about his career and how long he's been scouting. Eventually he noticed that I was wearing my boyfriend's team sweatshirt. He asked who I was here watching and I told him #3 (obviously his number is coincidentally our anniversary date). To my surprise I saw that my boyfriends name was on the scout's list! I had no idea that he was there watching my boyfriend (along with 4 other teammates). The scout said that he is a hard worker and has a lot of potential. Such happy news!

So many more blog posts to come
 - xoxo JHGF

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