Friday, October 4, 2013


        October has always been my favorite month for many reasons. For one thing, fall has always been my favorite season. Hockey finally comes back. And it's the start of my favorite holiday months (October, November, and December are always the happiest months for me). I have always found something so great about being able to spend holidays and "happy months" with my boyfriend. There's just so much to look forward to!

     October is also a favorite month of mine because of Halloween, duh. This year I'm especially excited because it's the first time my boyfriend and I will be spending Halloween together. I seriously thanked the Hockey Gods for scheduling his games so conveniently during the last week of October. We already agreed that he will be coming up to my school for the night of Halloween, instead of going to the Halloween party that one of his teammates is throwing (sorry boys). Actually not really that sorry because I'm pretty sure a few of his teammates are coming to my school with him. Now it's time for the hard part... Finding a costume.

     Surprisingly my boyfriend suggested that we match costumes! Here are a few ideas that we have come up with so far! For Holly Golighty and Minnie I only have girl costumes but I think it's pretty easy to figure out what the boy would wear. Also taking a leaf out of Sarah Vickers book for Daisy. Absolutely loved her outfit for the Gatsby party she attended.

Daisy Buchanan and Gatsby (The Great Gatsby):

Mickey and Minnie Mouse:

Holly Golightly and Paul Varjak (Breakfast at Tiffanys):

These are my favorites so far! Really leaning towards Daisy and Gatsby but we'll see! Look out for a post about group costumes, which should be coming soon. I hope everyone is having an amazing start to the month of October!

xoxo Junior Hockey Girlfriend

P.S - Welcome back hockey!!!!

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