Friday, October 11, 2013

It's that time of year again

As I said in my last post, October is my favorite month for many reasons. I found a quote somewhere that goes "I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers." The month of September was a bit of a rocky start between me getting adjusted to college life and my boyfriend getting adjusted to his new team. So naturally I was extremely excited for a new month and a fresh start.

With the start of hockey season, the inevitable occurs...

Those clusters of obnoxious girls that you see in the rink while you're trying to focus on your boyfriends game? Yeah, its puck bunny season. This is a bit of old news to me because I've dealt with my fair share of puck bunnies at my boyfriends boarding school but regardless it's always annoying to see them in the rink. I was a little apprehensive when my boyfriend first joined the team that he's on now because most of the players are second year junior players and have a bit of a partying reputation. Most of my boyfriend's friends on the team have their own apartments. 20 year olds living on their own? Can you say puck bunny heaven? 

So far I've heard some pretty terrible stories involving some girls that hang out around the rink his team skates at and one of his teammates apartments. Yuck. 

I remember it used to bother me so much when I would see girls being so flirty and obnoxious around my boyfriend and his teammates. I would see these random girls following him on twitter and liking all of his Instagram's of him and his teammates. Then I grew up. It sucks that there are girls out there who have such low self esteem that they would do anything to say they had sex with a hockey player, but I have learned to remember that all they'll ever be is a puck slut. No one wants to date the girl who hooks up with everyone on the team. That's a fact. As annoying as it is to see these girls fawning over your boyfriends, always remember that you're the one in a relationship and they are the ones becoming the butt of the joke for your boyfriends teammates. Never feel inferior to a puck bunny, ladies. It's not worth it. 

Junior Hockey Girlfriend

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