Sunday, October 27, 2013

Present Ideas: The Birthday Edition

As I'm writing this it's hard to believe that it's already October 27th. In twelve short days my favorite boy will be 20! And I'll still be 18.. for four more months. Side note: I will never get over the fact that he will be 21 years old and a freshman in college next year. Anyways, with his birthday coming up in early November along with Christmas in December I started panicking about present ideas hmmm probably two months ago.

About a month ago my boyfriend joked that he was going to get himself a pendant with my initals on it (in proper monogram format, obviously). He wears a cross and also has a little angel pendant and said that he wished he had a pendant with my name on it to go with his angel and cross. At first I thought it sounded kind of cheesy but the more I thought about it the more the idea grew on me. Eventually I looked on Etsy (LOVE) and found exactly what I was looking for. It shipped fairly quickly and came in the cutest little package, bow and all. 

Since the pendant was inexpensive I decided to get him something else from one of his favorite stores. Originally I wanted to get him a fleece shep shirt from Vineyard Vines (God bless preppy boys) but after going into the store I was a little disappointed in the quality of it, I wanted it to be a warmer material, so I decided against it. I ended up going to Lulu lemon and spent a solid 45 minutes going back and forth between two different presents. Seriously being as indecisive as I am is a curse. Anyways, after a little internal debate I decided to get him this 1/2 zip. I'm guilty of buying him EVERYTHING in this color it just looks so good on him! 

Starting in November I will start posting about the homemade gift I'm making him for our anniversary, along with holiday present ideas so look out for that! 
I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!!
xoxo Jr Hockey GF

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